Sample Content from Web Intelligence BI 4.1 Book

With 39 step-by-step practical sessions spread over 730 pages, this is the most structured and comprehensive guide to Web Intelligence BI 4.1 for creating queries, formatting reports, analysing data and sharing information.

No other book on Web Intelligence offers this depth of training using easy to follow practical step-by-step instructions.

10 sample pages from the book are available to view below.

Please note these are actual pages from the book shown here to demonstrate the step-by-step content.

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PagePage Contents
P139Shows how to Fold Data in a Vertical Table.
P149Shows how to change Sort Priorities on a Vertical Table.
P240Shows how to apply a Sort on a Chart.
P249Describes the Report Filter interface which is used to apply filters within reports.
P413Part of session on Combined Queries (Set Based Queries).
P476Part of Multiple Queries, showing Objects are arranged in Alphabetic order.
P488Shows how to remove data from document using Delete Query and Purge Query.
P503Part of session on Synchronising Multiple Queries using Merged Dimensions.
P533Shows how to Save a document using Web Intelligence Rich Client.
P717Part of session on Organising, Saving, Printing and Exporting Documents from BI Launchpad.

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