About webiworx

Developed by Business Objects and now owned by SAP, Web Intelligence is an excellent tool for adhoc query, reporting and data analysis. It has been gaining great popularity over the last 10 years or so (mainly after the release of v6.5) but there are very few good quality books available for users wanting to learn about the concepts and functionality of Web Intelligence.

In the past I have developed my own training material for Web Intelligence (v6.5 and XI R2) and delivered classroom based training at client sites.  Back in 2010, a passing comment made at one of the training sessions made me aware of the lack of training material and books available on Web Intelligence. I did some searches on Amazon and ended up buying everything available (2 dedicated books to Web Intelligence and 2 others in which Web Intelligence is covered along with other BusinessObjects software). Yes, that’s right, just 4 books that seemed worth buying (at the time), but to be honest there were probably no more than 8 to 10 books in total on Business Objects.

After taking delivery of the books and glancing over them, I realised that no one was really offering a training course in a book format. So, I tried to do exactly that, publish a Web Intelligence Training Course in a book format, starting off with Web Intelligence XI 3.1 (in 2011) and followed by Web Intelligence BI 4.1 (in 2014).

My aim was to write non-technical books for everyone wanting to learn Web Intelligence in a practical way by following step-by-step instructions using screenshots and commentary. I have tried to use my Business Objects experience (of 15 years) to develop the course content in a way that can be understood by all levels of users, covering the basic principles first and then moving onto more advanced features within each session (topic). This is also reflected throughout each book by starting with simpler topics first and then gradually building the reader’s knowledge onto more challenging topics.

I hope the results will meet my aspirations of writing something that is easy to understand whilst taking the reader through all the functionality of Web Intelligence.

Please feel free to make contact and let me know what you think.


Shakil Ahmed

June 2014